Datadrivers Oy

Datadrivers Oy was established in Tornio in 1996, and currently it employs 29 people in offices located in Tornio, Oulu and Vantaa.

Datadrivers Oy acquired the business of Turvallisuutta Teille on 1 January 2021. This asset acquisition strengthens our expertise and expands our current electronic service offering to existing and new customers.

The main product of Datadrivers is the browser-based Webauto software, which is a package of extensive features. In addition to driving licence training, this application is used to manage professional qualification and card trainings.

The users include driving schools, educational institutions as well as training centres and their secretaries, teachers and students. More than 200,000 users log in to the Webauto program every month. The company has approximately 800 corporate customers.


Webauto is one of the most advanced student learning environments and the most significant driver education platform in Finland where partners may also share their electronic learning material. Online training platforms and materials are at the core of our expertise.

Datadrivers Oy’s most recently developed product is Fleetskills, which is targeted at transport companies and their drivers. The application is used to comprehensively manage driver training and maintain licences, trainings and qualification validity as well as to share driver instructions electronically.

Datadrivers Oy continues the development work by listening to its customers. Extensive experience in driver education and user-friendly applications are our strengths. Our operations are based on our values: customer-orientation, reliability, rapidness and expertise. These values can be seen in our customer numbers and long-term customer relationships. Datadrivers Oy is part of CAP-Group Oy.

Our vision is to be a significant and recognised driver education and driver information management system provider in Finland and to expand our operations in the EU area in the near future.


The leading provider of driver education solutions with more than two decades of experience.

Datadrivers Oy

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