Software for versatile driver education management.

Our goal was to meet the future challenges by a providing modern, browser-based application for student management. Webauto’s comprehensive tools offer cost-efficient, high-quality basic education for students acquiring their first driving licences as well as further and special training for professional drivers. It guides, automatises and boosts nearly all the daily routines of driver education – from sales to lesson booking and invoicing.

Webauto users include driving schools, vocational schools and adult education centres as well as logistics training centres. Many large client companies of trainers are also using Webauto.

Features and functionalities

Webauto is a web application. Due to its SaaS nature, the application is always up to date and does not require special measures to deploy updates. The application can be used with any modern browser program and, where applicable, with mobile devices. Webauto’s databases are secured daily, and its operating costs are affordable when considering the volume of use.

The training of professionals is currently at a crossroads and the need for training is increasing in several sectors. Webauto creates benefits also for professional licence trainers. The application covers the following driver training categories:

  • Driving licence basic education in driving schools
  • Basic level professional qualification training
  • Professional qualification periodic training
  • Card training and other training (ADR, proactive driving, first aid course, economical driving, etc.)

Webauto offers high-quality and up-to-date online and virtual lessons for customer use. Educational material and services provided by several different material producers are also available.

The course offering of all the driving schools, educational institutions and training centres using Webauto can be easily accessed through the kuljettajaopetus.fi portal.


Fleetskills is a comprehensive software program designed for companies. The basic level of Fleetskills enables the monitoring and maintenance of the employees’ training and licence information. This basic level may be extended with an additional option which can be used to manage the orientation trainings as well as the equipment and vehicle registers of the company. In addition, the application sends driver instructions and notifications as well as follows and reports their reception.

The Fleetskills application is used, for example, to plan work and trainings and for communication purposes. It also creates significant time and cost savings for driver entrepreneurs.

For further information, please contact:

Juha Hiltunen

040-187 8668

Petri Lääkkölä

040-507 2500


Netreeni is Finland’s most popular software for practising for driver's theory exam with image exercises. Netreeni’s features and functionalities are equal to Traficom’s theory test.

Netreeni currently includes also the professional qualification, ADR licence and taxi owner’s licence exercises.


Opetusluvalla.fi is an up-to-date learning and practising environment for driving instruction permit students. This service provides everything you need to learn to drive under the driving instruction permit. You can use the search function to find your own driving school from nearly all the driving schools in Finland. Through your own school, you can complete all the teaching modules (EAS and RTK) that must be completed in the driving school.

You can familiarise yourself with the service, free of charge and without obligations, on the service’s website.

The goal is a safe new driver.


Lomakelahetys.fi is a service for electronically sending information about professional qualification periodic trainings directly to Traficom’s system.

Utilise the benefits offered to you and your customers by electronic delivery. Deliver information in a certified, SSL-secured and safe manner in real time. No more separate emails or paper forms filled out by hand.


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